Bundle - real gym


Enabling every child to stretch themselves

The real gym Bundle includes:

  • real gym cards
  • real gym Dice and Dice Matrix Poster

The 36 double-sided A4 real gym cards give technical knowledge to both pupil and teacher and show how to develop key skills. They provide a guide to help develop the fundamental skills of gymnastics, and allow children to build a movement vocabulary which will enable them to branch out and be creative learners.

The cards show the following skill areas and include emerging and developing skill cards for use on the floor, low and large climbing apparatus, with hand apparatus and partner/group work:

  • Shape
  • Balance
  • Flight 
  • Rotation
  • Travel

    Includes introduction card.

    The fantastic pack of 8 Dice are to be used with the activities within the real gym programme. The activities indicate when you might use them.

    The dice work with the Dice Matrix Poster and show all the unique symbols for easy use. By exploring different choreographic techniques, children can develop their skills in increasing challenging situations, as well as extend sequence development.

    Size of each dice: 52mm square.

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