FREE real foundations sample theme

FREE real foundations sample theme


Try a real foundations theme with your pupils

Click here to see what a real foundations theme looks like on Jasmine.  We know your pupils will love the activities!

Jasmine is a primary PE learning platform to support teachers and pupils in their real PE lessons.  Join over 1,800 schools and over 27,000 teachers already using Jasmine

What makes Jasmine different to other Primary PE digital platforms?

  • Jasmine is fully supported by sector leading training to inspire you and build your confidence to deliver an outstanding PE curriculum
  • Jasmine is a teaching and learning aid in addition to a planning aid and has been designed to help bring lessons to life for the children in a fun and creative way
  • All our programmes use a unique child-centred approach that transforms how we teach PE to challenge and engage EVERY child

Contact us at or on 020 8863 0304 to book your real PE Whole School training to give you full membership and access to ALL programmes and Lesson Plans including core real PEreal gym, real dance, real foundations, real play and real PE at home on Jasmine - your real PE platform.

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