FREE real PE at home learning resource 

Did you know that we have a whole range of digital and physical resources for families to support remote and home learning?

In view of the current crisis, we are all facing a very challenging time and understand the pressure on schools and families. Create Development would very much like to help as much as we can to alleviate the difficulties many families will face and we hope this offer will be of assistance. 

real PE 
at home supports families to play and learn together and includes 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun and activity for every family! View the real PE at home video to see more by clicking here

real PE 
at home online learning resources will be provided for FREE during school closure. We really want to help ensure families have access to quality physical activity and family play opportunities.

How ALL schools can receive FREE access:
Forward your name, school name, postcode, county and email address to 

Other home learning resources can be found in the Home learning collection on this shop and include:

  • Set of 12 Active Story books to develop agility, balance and coordination
  • real play home pack

FREE sample Lesson Plans on Jasmine - your real learning platform

Try our sample real PE and real gym Lesson Plans and real play Session Plans with your pupils in their next PE lesson to find out what they think. We know that they’ll love them!

  • Click here for real PE Lesson Plans
  • Click here for real gym Lesson Plans
  • Click here for real play Session Plans

Jasmine - your real learning platform launched in September 2018 to support real PE, real gym, real play and real legacy schools.

Simply select Jasmine - your real learning platform item under the real PE, real gym or real play collection and view the next steps to see how you and your teachers can be set up ready to go. Jasmine is intuitive and really simple to use - you'll be amazed at how it will change your PE delivery.

real PE pack Bundles

Did you know...the more real PE packs you purchase, the lower the price per pack?  We've bundled the packs together in key stage, infant, junior or primary school to make it easier for you to purchase. You can also choose multiple packs of each year group which will automatically discount when you purchase 3 or more. 

UK FREE delivery

We offer FREE standard delivery when you spend over £95 for resources delivered to addresses within the United Kingdom!